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How to Write A Kindle Book

Writing kindle books has become very popular and it can be a great way to earn extra income. It isn't as hard as you think either. Do you like to write? Do you like to research? Writing might just be for you then.


Here are the basic steps to writing a kindle book:

  1. Research
  2. Write
  3. Edit
  4. Format
  5. Cover
  6. Upload
  7. Promos


Whether you are writing a fiction or non-fiction book, you'll want to do some research in the kindle store to see what is selling and what types of books are popular. If you are choosing to write in the cookbook genre there are a lot of different categories.

Browse through the Kindle store and check out the kindle ranking on some topics you'd like to write about. You can find those stats under Product Details, Amazon Best Sellers Rank. Anything under 100,000 is a good category. Anything over 1,000,000 means it is not selling.

Keep in mind there are always seasonal books as well and I find different books ebb and flow throughout the year.

Once you've found a good topic you're interested in writing about. View some of the competition to understand what readers are interested in reading about that subject. Come up with several section ideas or chapter headings.

In your Word, Pages or Scrivener document add those categories and headings.


Now sit down and write. This may take hours, this may take days. Take your time and really dedicate time to write.

Once you are done writing, go over it page by page, sometimes reading the book out-loud helps find errors. 


You'll want to put it down and pass it on to someone else to edit it. Whether it is a friend, family member or you hire an editor through somewhere like upwork.com, that is up to you. But they will find things to fix that your eyes have overlooked.


 Keep in mind some simple techniques when you are writing:

  • Insert a page break after every chapter, recipe page, etc. This flows better on the kindle
  • Create an active table of contents. People like to be able to click on the Table of Contents on the kindle and skip to where ever they'd like to go in the book.
  • Use a basic font like Arial or Times Roman and size 12.
  • Include a copyright notice at the beginning of your book
  • Include information about yourself at the beginning or end of the book. Have information where they can find more of your writing whether it is to a website, blog or your amazon author page.

There are several ways I've formatted my book for Kindle. Since you have to load a epub document, I prefer using these methods.  Having your book formatted well is important because it only takes one person having a bad experience with your book and they will leave you a negative review!

One way to format I like is using Calibre and it is free but you have to download it to your computer to use it.

Make a Cover

If you are good with Photoshop you may be able to create your own ebook covers. Many people use fiverr and hire someone for $5 to create a cover for their book. Either way look through Amazon and see some examples of covers you like and how you'd like yours to look. You may need to buy a royalty free stock image or take a high quality image yourself.

Upload your Book

Uploading to the Kindle Direct Publishing platform is very easy. Once you create an account, you add a title and it will walk you through the process. Choosing a book category and keywords are the most important step so again research and decide where your book would fit in best. You can always experiment and change this later as well.

Pricing your book will be another big step to uploading. If you price it at .99, which is a popular choice while your book is new, means you will be making .35 on each book you sell. Not much, but the low price may help you to get reviews and build momentum for your book. Once it is doing well you can move the price up to $2.99 where you will make 75% royalty on it.


If you choose to join KDP program, and I do, you can schedule free promotions every 90 days for a total of 5 days. This helps get your book out there, build your seller ranking and hopefully get reviews for your book. You can also promote your book through free kindle websites and facebook pages.

Add to Paperback

Once you have all of this set up you can also make a paperback copy of your book through createspace.com.(also an Amazon site) The few changes you'll need to make is to create your book into the correct size you choose, 6x9 or 8x11 are popular sizes. Add page numbers to your book and save as a pdf document. Upload and add a cover and it should match up to your kindle book. If it doesn't you can easily ask createspace to match it up for you.

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