Sell your Crafts and Handiwork

Sell your Crafts and Handiwork

Types of Crafts to Sell

If you want to sell your crafts here are some ideas:
  • Candle making is a fun and open-ended type of craft that inspires all kinds of ideas. Simple cylinder candles, square candles, animal molds, bright colors and pastel colors are a few examples of candle variations.

  • Making soaps is a craft similar to candle making in term of using molds, dyes, perfumes and colors.

  • Card making inspires an abundance of ideas and the sky is the limit for creativity. Photo cards, stamped cards, decoupage cards and free hand drawings to celebrate any and all occasions and holidays are a few of the variations of card making.

  • Scrapbooking is an activity that interests children. Kids can get creative with scrapbook icons and kits, or even create scrapbooks for others.

  • Sewing and knitting are additional activities that allow a multitude of projects. Patterns are available for all skill levels, for clothes, aprons, quilts, baby quilts, pocket books, etc. You name it, you can make it both human and doll size.

  • Jewelry is wide-open territory as well. A bejeweled doggie collar or intricate earrings, necklace, anklet, bracelets and watchbands are all jewelry projects for the eager crafter. Stringing beads on a cord or carefully placing gems in an intricate setting, jewelry provides opportunities for all skill levels.

Start Up Supplies

Crafts require start up materials. Knitting may have the least complicated start up materials, consisting of needles and yarn, while candle making has an extensive list to get started. Starting out simply will help keep costs down while building your business. Keep in mind, however, that a good job requires the right tools and will help you be successful in your overall goal to sell handmade crafts.

Marketing Crafts

To sell handmade crafts and earn money, you will need marketing outlets. Craft fairs are the most common venue for sales but if craft fairs are not a possibility, online sales is an option. Selling crafts online could include Ebay, the website where you can sell almost anything or sell crafts on Etsy, the website that specializes in homemade items, arts and crafts supplies. For the tech savvy crafters, you can build your own website to sell your crafts.

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