How to Start a Cooking Business

How to Start a Cooking Business

Worrying about how to start a kids cooking business shouldn’t stop you from trying it out. It doesn’t have to be an internationally recognized success since you can start as small as you like. The key things to consider will be the overall aim of the business, your target audience and how you’ll make your sales.

Overall Aims

What is your overall goal for your business? Sell homemade goods or teach cooking lesssons? If you are looking to teach kids how to cook we have tons of information here. If you are looking into selling baked goods read on...

Target Audience

Once you’ve decided on the goal of the business, you’ll then need to get your team together (if you are looking for extra help) and think about whom you’re going to target for sales.  Your target audience will dictate the kind of recipes that you’ll attempt to make. For example, you will want to make small, sweet baked goods for other children, while a barbecue might be more appropriate for a street sale.

The Sales

The main point of any business is selling your product, so when you’re thinking about how to start a cooking business, you’ll need to think about where you’ll be selling the items. Selling your products at a stall at a fair will gain you more money, for example, but you won’t get a chance to know your customers. You’ll also need to take into account how much to charge for your products.

If the aim of the project is to make money, you’ll need to price your items appropriately in order to make a profit, which may mean you sell less. If the aim is to make friends or engage in the local community, then price isn’t really an issue. The main thing is that the amount charge covers expense of purchasing more supplies for the next batch.

Legal Points

The amount of legal work that you’ll need to go through will depend on the size of your business model and your projected income over the year. If it’s going to be fairly small and run out of your own kitchen, then you should be able to be run the business as a private concern, almost with the same rights as a charity. Check with local authorities as some cities require a business license or food handlers license and other requirements.

If you’re dreaming of something bigger, then you’ll need to find a lawyer who will organize the paperwork to set you up as a legal business, along with an accountant who will help you file your taxes and wages. These costs will need to be incorporated into your business model along with rent and energy bills.

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