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Learning how to live frugally can be challenging at first. You don’t have to be a penny pincher and live a boring life though. Some simple changes can make a big difference in saving you money and help you learn to use your money more wisely.

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How to Live More Frugally

Let's focus on these main areas when starting on living more frugally: 


Learn how to reuse household items. There are a lot of items that many people throw away that you can reuse.

Toilet paper rolls/paper towel rolls- use for kids crafts, extension cord holders
Cans or Boxes- use for storing small items or organize cupboards
Egg cartons- plant seedlings for your garden, kids craft projects
Recycle crayons- try these muffin crayon directions for using up your old crayons and making new ones.
Plastic containers- reuse yogurt or cream containers for storing leftovers or spices in the cupboard
Jars- reuse jars for storing food in the fridge or fill with items in your pantry such as spices or beans.
Plastic bags- reuse your plastic baggies more than one time before you throw them out.
Recycle clothes and old jeans by creating new items from them.  Here are some directions on refashioning your old clothes.

There are a lot more ideas out there, when something breaks down or is no longer useful take a look at the item and decide if there is some way to reuse it. Even furniture has been refurbished and made into benches, TV stands and more.


Go through your house and take a good look at what you have used in the last year. Ask yourself, or family members, some hard questions such as, do I/we really need this? How often have I used this in the last year?

Some items that are taking space in our house could be sold or given away and we’d never miss them. By simplifying your life and the things you live with, you might be surprised how good it might feel to lighten your load.

Once you've gone through the household, try to adopt this mindset when you are shopping in general. Try asking yourself, Do I have a place for this? Will this item be used for a certain purpose? Stopping and thinking it through may help you from buying extra things you may later regret.

Coupons and Rebates

I'm not a big paper coupon user. Although many years ago I was really into coupons and refunding and had great success (and fun) with it.


Now a days I swear by these two rebate companies Ebates and Ibotta.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

If you buy anything online you need to sign up for Ebates. By shopping through their links you get cash back on purchases made at many websites. I do it whenever I shop and the little bits certainly add up. It is free to sign up so it is worth doing.


Ibotta is an app for your iphone. You unlock different rebates for grocery items some as easy as milk and bananas. Go to the store and when you get home scan your products and take a picture of your receipt. I decided I'd try them out and within a few months I was able to buy gift cards for my son's upcoming birthday. Then I was hooked!

If you sign up with my link you join my team and together we can unlock more rebates together. Also if you sign up and redeem a rebate within 2 weeks. They'll give you $10. Worth it just for the free $10!

There are companies like these such as Checkout 51. But these two above are my favorite and the ones I find most worth my time.

Make it at Home

When grocery shopping, try to stay away from processed foods or items you can make from scratch. Box mixes or frozen items are something you can make yourself and save money in the process. Keep in mind though, it will cost you more time to prepare so you will have to decide which is more important to you. Creating your own homemade food will be a healthier choice as well.
Do-it-yourself projects can go beyond the kitchen as well. Home decorating, sewing your own clothes or planting a garden will all save you money, too.

Making your own homemade cleaners or bath products can also be a way to save money and use healthier products.
homemade natural products

Use our family budget worksheets to help you stay on track.
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