Becoming a Music Teacher

Becoming a Music Teacher

If you are musically gifted and are looking for a way to earn extra
cash, perhaps becoming a music teacher is for you. Lending your time
and skills to others is an excellent way for you to show compassion,
develop a stronger work ethic and socialize. Charging for your
services also allows you to earn extra money.
When you make the decision to be a music teacher, you are
essentially starting your own business. As with any other business
there are steps and responsibilities you must handle to help
maximize success and profits.

Qualified to Teach Music

Fortunately, there is no required level of education required to
give private music lessons to others. It is still important, though
that you be very talented in both playing and understanding the
instrument you are going to be instructing. You must also understand
how to read music, and be confident of your skills enough to teach

Responsibilities of a Music Teacher

If you ultimately make the decision of becoming a music
teacher,  you will be undertaking a huge responsibility. Duties
and responsibilities of this self-starter business include:

  • Being on time to preset lessons, meetings and appointments

  • Teaching basic information about the instrument

  • Teaching notes, scales and warm ups

  • Providing assignments and practice work to your students

  • Being available to your students if they need help outside of
    their lessons

The ability to perform all of these tasks and keep them in balance
means that you are a perfect candidate to be a music teacher.

Finding Customers

When you are ready to be a music teacher and provide lessons to
others, you will need to find customers. Seeking out those looking
for these types of services is one of the most daunting challenges
that new music teachers face when starting their service. A number
of different avenues are available for this process and most are
very simple. Methods for finding customers include:

Posting Fliers

Making and posting fliers around your neighborhood can be a great
means of advertising. Create a simple flier that contains your name
and telephone number along with basic information about your
services and fees. Once printed, you can then begin to post the advertisement around your neighborhood. Appropriate places to advertise services as a
music teacher are:
  • Community centers
  • School bulletin boards
  • School music departments
  • Local music store
  • Instrument repair shops
  • Windows of small local businesses
These high traffic areas will help your service get the most visibility. Remember to seek permission from the appropriate authority before posting advertisements, as not doing so will result in them being removed.

Advertising Online

As we live in an age of technology, it is a more than appropriate
measure to advertise your music teaching services online. Similar to
the flier, you will need to come up with a short blurb about your
services and your decision about becoming a music teacher. You can
then post this information to various sites on the web where
potential customers may read it and contact you if they are
interested. Online forums that are appropriate for this type of
advertising include:
  • Social networking sites
  • Community pages and discussion boards
  • Advertisement sites (such as Craigslist)
Try to keep your online advertisements limited to websites tha attract visitors from your local area and community, as advertising to those in distant cities and states is pointless

Word of Mouth

This type of advertising is probably one of the most powerful tools in your repertoire. The more happy customers you have the more likely those customers are willing to recommend the service to others. Begin this process by talking to your coworkers, relatives, friends and neighbors and let them know what you are offering.

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