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Affiliate Marketing

Once you establish a website or blog, a good way to earn extra income is by affiliate marketing. You'll advertise and promote other companies products on your site and if someone clicks or buys the product you'll get a percentage of the sale.

Depending on your niche or subject of your website, you can earn a little or a lot with this method. Every little bit adds up though so here are some popular  places to find companies that you can promote.
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Amazon- so many people shop at Amazon.com that it is worth adding links to products that you may be already talking about in your website.

Shareasale.com they have a large amount of different business that you can work with in promoting their products. The percentage earned varies from different companies.

Clickbank.com- They have a large base of mostly egoods that you can market.

Commission Junction-similar to shareasale.com but with different companies.

Linkshare- similar to shareasale.com

It is best to research which business' work well with your niche and join them. Often times you may find a product that would work well for your site and need to join their individual affiliate program. You can always join more than one affiliate program as well.

Just keep in mind you still want to fill your site with great content because that is what will get your visitors coming back time after time.